About Us

Racehorse Syndication Specialist

Blueblood Thoroughbreds is a leading Australian thoroughbred racehorse syndicate company. Offering racehorse syndication shares.

Take advantage of our vast amount of experience in dealing with thoroughbreds and also racehorse selection and development. Blueblood Thoroughbreds has syndicated many of quality thoroughbreds throughout Australia. We align ourselves with some of Australia’s leading and most respected trainers to deliver you quality horse syndication options as a result deliver premium results.

Blueblood Thoroughbreds a professionally operated racing and racehorse syndication specialist. Above all Blueblood Thoroughbreds offers affordable syndication shares to individuals and syndicates in thoroughbred racehorses.

Furthermore provide our owners with a racing experience like never before and to make interaction between Blueblood Thoroughbreds and our trainer a smooth and easy ride.

What does Blueblood Thoroughbreds racing syndicate deliver to owners?

We aim to provide an involved thoroughbred syndication experience to all of our clients. Our services include:

  • Regular Updates on Race Horse Spelling & Pre-Training (Audio & Visual).
  • Regular Training Updates (Audio & Visual).
  • Relevant Race Information, Including Nominations, Acceptances and Barrier Draws.
  • Insider Reports From Trainers and Jockey (Audio & Visual).
  • Track Work Visits and Inspection Days.
  • Horse Naming.
  • Delivery of Photos, Video Footage of your thoroughbred.

Racing Thoroughbreds for Sale

If you are in the market to buy a thoroughbred racehorse certainly trust the experienced and acclaimed team of racehorse syndication specialists at Blueblood Thoroughbreds for all your racehorse shares and sales.

Our expert trainers have an eye for the best because they select and develop the race horses for syndication through Blueblood Thoroughbreds. With years of experience by our team in the thoroughbred racehorse sales industry hence an astute ability to develop winners. We are one of the leading race horse syndication company’s in Australia.

BlueBlood Thoroughbreds consequently offers buyers professional racehorse ownership and management services on all thoroughbred racehorses purchased through our  thoroughbred syndication company. Above all we offer best advice on all thoroughbred racehorses for sale.

If you are looking at race horses for sale, let the experts at BlueBlood Thoroughbreds. We will talk you through all the options available even more to make sure you get the best advice on a quality thoroughbred.

What does BlueBlood’s horse racing syndicate deliver to owners?

We aim to provide an involved thoroughbred syndication experience to all of our clients.

Blueblood Thoroughbreds is committed to servicing our clients relative needs to racing without being biased to percentage of shares, whether you have a 2.5% share or a 50% share.

As the leader in Communication, you will receive various forms of updates on your horses progress and race plan to provide you with the ultimate experience. Communication is a very important aspect, therefore the following are Blueblood Thoroughbreds commitments of communication to our owners.

Our services include:

  • Regular Updates on Race Horse Spelling & Pre-Training
  • Regular Full Training Updates
  • Relevant Race Information, Including Nominations, Acceptances and Barrier Draws
  • Pre-race comments from the trainer
  • Post-race comments from the trainer
  • Tickets to the Member’s stand
  • Owners Pass to the mounting yard to hear pre-race instructions and post race comments from the Jockey
  • Track designated owners room where you can enjoy complimentary refreshments and watch the replay of your horse race
  • Insider Reports From Trainers and Jockey
  • Track Work Visits and Inspection Days
  • Horse Naming
  • Delivery of Photos, Video Footage of your thoroughbred (see footage)
  • Owner’s Gold Card (applicable to Victoria only)
  • Newsletters


Why choose BlueBlood for your Australian racehorse syndicate?

BlueBlood offers specialist race horse ownership and management services. We make it easy for enthusiasts to buy and own a racehorse, with a number of payment options available in order to make your transition from punter to owner a smooth and enjoyable one.

Enquire with BlueBlood Thoroughbreds today about becoming involved in a racehorse syndicate in Australia. Our services and knowledge of bloodstock sales ensures you will be entering into horse syndicates that align you with champion trainers, jockeys and thoroughbreds.

CALL (02) 9937 2000 – 24 HOURS A DAY OR

Regular updates on your horse spelling and pre-training

BlueBlood aims to keep our owners as informed as possible on the progress of their horse. Regular email reports will be given on your horse whilst spelling and also once your horse is ready for pre-training you will be notified and updated on the progress and comments from the pre-trainer.

Weekly updates on your horse whilst in training

Once your horse is in full training, our owners will receive a more detailed report on the progress of their horse whilst in track work and detailed comments from our trainer and on occasion’s video footage and photo’s of your horse in full flight.

Barrier Trials, Notifications of Nominations and Acceptances of your horse’s race dates

An email with all the relevant information to our owners will be sent when their horse has been entered into a barrier trial or is nominated and accepted for a race.

Trainer’s and jockey’s comments, pre and post race and weight reports

During the horses race career, we will constantly be liaising with our trainer and jockey to ensure our owners are well informed and updated pre and post race including full race fields and jockey appointments.

Track work visits & Owner Viewing days

BlueBlood Thoroughbreds are more than happy to arrange for our owners to attend track work where you will view your horse on the track first hand. Another exciting event is our owner viewing days where our owners and their friends and family are very welcome to inspect their pride and joy in a fun filled day.

Melbourne and Sydney Open Days

BlueBlood Thoroughbreds are one of the very few syndicator’s who hold Open Days for clients and the general public. Events are held in Melbourne and also Sydney and are hosted by our leading trainers including Mick Price and Gerald Ryan. These Open Days allow our owners and their family and friends to have a one-0n-one experience with the horses. It is also an opportunity to meet the BlueBlood team and the trainers first hand.


Furthermore to our services to you. We encourage our owners to personally involve themselves with naming their horse. Owners will be asked to put forward a name of choice which will then be voted on and upon availability, one of the names submitted will be picked and lodged with the Registrar of Racehorses to be named.

Owners Gold card (applicable to Victoria only)

The new Owners Gold Card will provide owners racing horses in Victoria with many benefits and services. These benefits will include:

  • A three year card – Standard admission passes, members’ tickets and mounting yard passes when your horse is racing.
  • Access to an owners car park area at metro and country racecourses, (subject to availability).
  • Complimentary racebook for named owners in the racebook when your horse is racing.
  • Designated post-race hospitality areas including refreshments at Victorian race meetings (excluding Picnic race meetings) when your horse is racing.
  • Winning owners at Victorian race meetings will continue to be provided with post-race hospitality with the compliments of the club.
  • Grandstand seating access at metropolitan race meetings.
  • Scanning technology to recognise the Owners’ Gold Card at Victorian race meetings (excluding Picnic race meetings).
  • Admission to over 300 Victorian race meetings each year even when your horse is not racing.
  • Dedicated Owners Services call centre and website.
  • Special offers from Victorian racing clubs direct to owners.
  • Finally corporate partner offers and discounts.