Wondering how to buy racehorse shares?

When it comes to Australian thoroughbred sales and syndicates, BlueBlood Thoroughbreds can provide you with the assistance you need to successfully enter the exciting world of horse racing. If you have been wondering where to buy racehorse shares, we can help. Below are the answers to a number of common questions regarding our racehorse syndications.

I would like to purchase a share

We can show you how and where to buy racehorse shares. Give us a call, and we will send out to you the relevant information pertaining to the horse you are interested in. You can expect the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Information Pack via email and/or we can express post a hard copy to you. These two forms outline all the details about the syndicate being formed such as price, trainer, ongoing upkeep etc. You as an owner can also rest at ease that Blueblood Thoroughbreds holds an AFSL with ASIC and is an approved promoter of Racing Victoria and Racing Queensland. (AFSL. 413585)

As an owner, what are the benefits?

Naming the horse, name in the RaceBook (applicable to 5% shareholders and above as only 20 spots are allocated per horse), RaceDay members tickets, passes into enclosure/mounting area, one on one with one of Australia’s leading trainers on race day events, invitations to the trainer’s stable for inspection day and functions (when possible), decisions with BlueBlood Thoroughbreds and the trainer on scheduling movement and the horse’s career whilst racing also after racing (retirement).

What is the upkeep cost of the horse?

We are a leading company when it comes to affordable Australian thoroughbred sales and syndicates. A monthly Fixed Flat Fee (FFF) of $138 per 2.5% share is charged to maintain your horse while racing and spelling. This fee covers training fees, spelling fees, pre-training, general vet fees, floating, dental, chiropractor, shoeing and administration fees etc. It does not cover extra-ordinary costs such as excessive veterinary costs, interstate travel for racing purposes, major ace nominations and acceptance fees etc.

Is my share insured?

BlueBlood Thoroughbreds insures all its horses from fall of hammer for the first 12 months, which is included in the initial share price. BlueBlood Thoroughbreds recommends that after the 12 month period that the owner continues to renew this insurance policy. Insurance cover costs approximately 3% of the share price so to insure a share for $5000 for 12 months, it would cost approximately $150 – $175 per year.

What is Blueblood Thoroughbred’s selection process?

In nearly all cases, our horses are picked by our trainer. BlueBlood Thoroughbreds, along with our trainer, attend all the major sales and our syndicates are formed by selecting only well bred, conformed and athletic individuals that pass our tough and rigid process.

Does my name appear in the Racebook?

Shareholders with 5% and above will have their names appear in the RaceBook as individual entities and 2.5% shareholders will become members of BlueBlood's Syndicate which will appear in the RaceBook.

Can I talk to the trainer and supporting team?

We have no problem with any owner speaking with our trainer and team, we actually encourage our owner’s to be involved with their racehorse and enjoy the excitement of ownership.

When my horse’s racing career is finished, what happens?

When your horse career has finished, then all owners will decide to either sell or send the horse to stud. This is a very exciting time especially if your horse has had a successful racing career.

For more information regarding Australian thoroughbred sales and syndicates, contact BlueBlood Thoroughbreds today. We can show you how and where to buy racehorse shares at an affordable price – call (02) 9937 2000